Romy and Marte, two interpreters, one photographer, and the fishermen…  This is a picture of an interview that Romy and Marte were giving on the traditional landing site in the fishing village of Bahabalpur.   This is one of the first days of fieldwork and the interpreters are still getting used to the interviewing process, which attracts A LOT of attention!  The  curiosity of the people here is amazing.  Everyone’s interested in what we’re doing, but others, like an older lady that Marte spoke to, are just happy to have finally seen a white person in real life… Even though it’s wierd to attract so much attention, it’s nice to know that we can be almost like a moving tourist attraction for them- like a travelling circus, or a band of gypsies with treasures from afar!
marte romy interview
Romy and Sanu (interpreter in pink), Marte and Debashish (the interpreter in the black cap).  Our interpreters are just great!

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  1. julia Says:

    Huli buli!

    gøy å se bilder av dere i India!
    nice to hear from you
    que calor hace en India!

    her er det påskeferie i Trondheim
    I am spending easter in Trondheim
    Hace mucho frio en mi pueblo noruego!

    Vi gleder oss til du/dere kommer hjem
    Looking forward to see you again
    que ilusión, pronto vamos a celebrar la vida juntos otra vez!!

    Til da: ha det bra
    until then: have a good time and enjoy your last time in India
    Hasta entonces: un beso enorme de Julia

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