India Beer-tasting: Keeping Our Side of the Deal

Before our dear friend and blog administrator, Bjorge, graciously allowed us some space to have a travel blog linked to his website,, we came up with the proposition that in exchange for some webspace, we would post some personal reviews of Indian beers during our travels through the subcontinent.

You see, part of the founding principle of Bjorge’s website ‘’ was that during his travels through South America in 2003, he, while travelling BAREfoot through the continent, would post reviews of the various BEERs he encountered on his way. Are you seeing a connection now? Does ‘beerfoot’ make a lot more sense now? Good.

Well, despite Romy, Marte and my own ‘covered foot’ condition, we will still keep the tradition alive by tasting beers on our tavels.

So far, India has not proved to be either a beer-diverse nor a beer-plentiful society, despite the country’s mammoth size. However, despite this, we have been able to sniff out a few brews, and you can find their reviews right here:

Beer #1: Kingfisher

Kingfisher beer

This is the first beer that we tried while at the Embassy restaurant in the smack-dab front-and-center of Delhi: Cannaught Place. On the outside, the tall 1 liter bottle (the standard beer size of India) is graced with a picture of a colorful, graceful Indian kingfisher (a type of bird) in midflight. We all thought this was rather handsome. The beer claims to be “The King of Good Times”, and apparantly is “For sale only in Delhi”, which we found to be a right out lie later on when we found the beer in Varanasi.

Mando Kingfisher  Armando taking the first sip…
This “Premium Lager Beer” accoording to our own impressions is light, only slightly bitter, smooth, and mild.  It is “awarded internationally for its widely-acclaimed taste and quality”.  Well, I guess it also gets our award of approval too.  As “India’s Best-selling Lager”, Kingfiher was a refreshing start to our India beer endeavors.

3 Responses to “India Beer-tasting: Keeping Our Side of the Deal”

  1. Bjørge Says:

    This is so great! I just have to finish making the beer page now… All my notes from south america are still not available to the internet community. I have so many ideas for the page, that it just would take too much time to finish it. Will embark on the quest to finish it as soon as I get some of my other projects off the 2do list.

  2. Sathish Says:

    Hi Guys,
    Nice to see this blog about Indian beers. As an Indian I would tell you about the phrase “For sale in Delhi Only” It doesnt mean that KF(Kingfisher, as called by we Indians) cannot be bought outside Delhi.
    As you know India had many states and territories and they have their own TAX on the alcohol sold there, so as to regulate the production and consumption in a state they prohibit the movement of alcohols outside the state .Therefore it just means that , the particular bottler you consumed should not be take out of Delhi for sale. therefore u have local breweries making KFs in different states and at different prices'(they just differ a few rupees) for use in their state.
    Hope I made myself clear.

  3. Prachs Says:

    Nice to read a blog about my country but little clarification for you (hope you’ll not mind) …..when a beer bottle claims “For sale only in Delhi” then it means that particular batch of beer is for sales in Delhi only and when you were drinking in varanasi which is in state U.P. (uttar pradesh) tht bottle must be “For sale in Uttar Pradesh”. It’s regulation thing in India that you can find any beer in the whole country but stating about sales in that particular “zone”

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